[dss-developer] set functionID in sim.xml & last scene parameter

Patrick Staehlin pstaehlin at futurelab.ch
Mon Jun 7 12:00:38 CEST 2010

Hi Dominik!

On Wednesday 12 May 2010 13.08:05 Meier Dominik wrote:
> 1: Is it possible to set a functionID of a device in the sim.xml?

It's not possible as of now but might be possible soon [1]. If your simulated 
device is implemented in JavaScript you can provide the function 
"getFunctionID" to return the desired function-id.

> 2: If I understood right, a last scene will be stored in a special scene
>  number in the device. Is this right, which scene is it?
>     A device is dimmed to 50% and will be switched of by a dSS generated
>  event, what will be stored in the last scene scenario in the device?

At the moment the value will be stored in scene 63 for yellow devices (afaik). 
We're not modelling that behaviour at the moment, as I'm not sure if that 
behaviour will survive the CE certification. As far as I know a device must be 
turned off if it gets plugged in and going back to the last known value might 
violate such a constraint. But thats my own view on things.

> 3: I had an idea for a workaround to use user Groups. I thought, naming
>  several devices with the same name e.g. "Fridge" would give the
>  possibility to build a set by tag e.g.  .tag('Fridge') . The result was,
>  that only one device named as Fridge responded to the event. (I guess it
>  was the one with the lower ID) Why does this not work??

You should tag those devices with 'Fridge'. The name is not included in the 

> 4: Is there an error in the set syntax documentation?
>  # By adding .kitchen the set gets restricted to "all devices within the
>  group yellow which are # located in the zone named kitchen".
>  -> From my point of few, the result would be "dev6" if your explanation
>  means a conjunction like set = Kitchen AND Yellow. I think dev2, dev3 and
>  dev6 are in the set, if your set is .yellow.

Yes, you're right. I've corrected it on the wiki page. Thank you!

[1] http://gitorious.digitalstrom.org/dss/dss-mainline/merge_requests/105

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