[dss-developer] Starting dSS on Raspberry fails

Christian Hitz christian.hitz at digitalstrom.com
Mon Oct 12 11:15:39 CEST 2015

Hi Markus,

On 11.10.2015 14:22, Markus Nicks wrote:
> Hi dSS Experts,
> after solving some issues I had while compiling on raspberry i now
> stuck stating/running dSS. Looking to the log (see below) it seems dSS
> is looking for a running ds485d or ds485p (???). But as I wasn’t able to
> find any documentation or architecture blueprint I’ve no idea how all
> components (ds485d, ds485p, libcommchannel, libdsuid, …) related to each
> other. Hopefully someone can give me more insight into the overall
> architecture or any tipps whats going wrong looking to the log output.
> Just for your information, my idea is only dSS on raspberry but still use dss11-1GB as ds485 gateway.

In order to connect to the dSS11-as-gateway you'll need a ds485p running 
on your rpi alongside the dSS.

Also, the integrated web server can not start:

> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.469+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/subsystems/WebServer/listen' to ','
> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.470+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/subsystems/WebServer/trustedPort' to '8088'
> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.470+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/subsystems/WebServer/announcedport' to '80'
This looks like a misconfiguration: listen and announce should be the 
same port.

> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.472+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/subsystems/WebServer/sslcert' to '/root/dSS/sysroot/share/dss/data/dsscert.pem'
> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.473+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/subsystems/WebServices/sslcert' to '/root/dSS/sysroot/share/dss/data/dsscert.pem'
check that the ssl certificates are really present

> [2015-10-11T11:45:42.475+01:00][Info][DSS] Setting property '/config/webrootdirectory' to '/root/dSS/sysroot/share/dss-web/webroot'
check that the websrc is really there

As a general note:
running the whole dSS11 software on rpi will involve additional packages
(dSA, lighttpd, dSS11-websetup just to name a few). In addition certain
features depend on special lower level system functionality e.g. Add-on
install depends on opkg.
We use openembedded to build the complete images for different
platforms. The most promising way to get the whole software onto the rpi
would be to adapt the dss11e target [1].


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