[dss-developer] REST-API - Get/Set Value for blinds (KL220)

Christian Stüllein | SSE christian.stuellein at sse-engineering.de
Wed Nov 14 14:57:46 CET 2018


I wonder what's the correct way to explicitly get/set the current device
values (position and angle) for blinds (like the KL220). I am able to
use scenes for that (call a scene, get the scene values for both
position and angle). I know, that scenes are the prefered way working
with the system, but some of our customers want to have the possibility
to set a value ecplicitly. This works fine for other devices (like
dimming lights), but not for the KL220. I have 2 problems here:

1) If I request the current value with the getOutputValue() command with
offset 0 - the position value is returned. But this value is scaled to
0..255 instead of the value given in the getSceneValue() command
(0..65538). But it seems that I also can get the same value with the
16-bit scaling when i use the offset 2 - is this correct?

2) Which offset I have to use in the getOutputValue() command to get the
angle? Or is there an other way requesting this? (Same question for

Thank you in advance


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