[dss-merge-requests] Pending merge requests

daemon at developer.digitalstrom.org daemon at developer.digitalstrom.org
Thu Dec 2 11:00:02 CET 2010

Merge request list for 'dSS-mainline' (URL: http://gitorious.digitalstrom.org/dss/dss-mainline/merge_requests.atom):

Summary: #361: Call scene events working again
 - By: packi
 - URL: http://gitorious.digitalstrom.org/dss/dss-mainline/merge_requests/210

Summary: #360: Sync with dsm api library 0.5.0
 - By: jin
 - URL: http://gitorious.digitalstrom.org/dss/dss-mainline/merge_requests/209

Summary: #350: [UNTESTED] Better handling of own DSID
 - By: winkj
 - URL: http://gitorious.digitalstrom.org/dss/dss-mainline/merge_requests/206

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